Are Astrology Predictions Accurate?

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Are Astrology Predictions Accurate?

Astrology Predictions by JimmyMac210

Are Astrology Predictions Accurate? Photo by JimmyMac210

The practice of using astrology to make predictions has been used for years, even centuries. There are multiple means that a psychic uses in order to look into the future. Astrology is simply one of them. Does astrology have the ability to give you answers that other practices and skills are unable to? There are many people that believe it does because it provides a distinctive outline for that one person. Rarely, if ever, do two people have identical astrology charts.

What is included when using astrology predictions?

The planets are never still; stars rise and fall; the universe lives and breathes, flowing and receding and these paths, or transits as they are frequently called, influence us. Some transits will require us to make changes. Some will present challenges, while also bringing us joy and sadness.
Predicting and casting when and where these transits will be is a way of preparing for times in our lives that may not be as happy, as well as anticipating new prospects for the future. Observing the transits allows the astrologer to identify trigger points.

Therefore, when using astrology to make predictions, the outer planets are “read” first.
This is because the outer planets are slower moving and allow the astrologer to get an idea of where the person is at currently in their life. They identify the position of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, in addition to the other planets in relation to the person’s “house.”

Astrology Predictions

Gazing at the outer layer, provides a wide overview and a framework for the more specific information that will be obtained from the inner planets. The outer planets coming near or into a certain house will spread the seeds of conflict or happiness. The details will be determined within the inner transit.

The outer layer has a tremendous impact on us. Using astrology to make prediction depends heavily on the information learned from the outer layer. Many report they feel a significant sense of relief when transits move away from the houses. It appears resolutions are about to occur and individuals suffering from negative situations often feel a huge sense of release.

Utilizing astrology predictions to make predictions requires looking at the planet’s inner layer. An astrologer obtains much more information when reading the inner planet’s activity. Mars has a tremendous influence, known as “the 2 year Mars Cycle.” Mars is the carrier of personal energy, as it approaches your house and your mars, your energy begins to increase, but as it moves away, your energy levels decrease.

This inner transit can have a huge bearing on a person’s life. Using astrology to make predictions can give a person a correct picture of when their life will improve, leaving stress and negativity behind. Most people who pursue help of this kind do so at a time in their life when they feel the need to make a change.

Many people are comfortable utilizing astrology to make predictions within their lives and their spheres. This relies less on the unexplainable psychic powers of a medium. Instead, they feel that there are ability and skills involved.


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