Psychic Powers – What is Claircognizance?

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Psychic Powers – What is Claircognizance?

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Claircognizance is one of the more powerful psychic powers.

Claircognizance, or ‘clear knowing,’ refers to one of the psychic powers than confers the ability to know something without having come to learn the information through any of the five recognized senses (hearing, seeing, tasting, touching or smelling).  In essence, you “know” without any real reason for “knowing” other than psychic powers.

Claircognizance is not guessing. The person receiving understanding of things recognizes that they have learned something beyond the traditional senses and the thing that they have learned is, in fact, accurate.  Many psychics who do psychic chat online have Claircognizance as one of their psychic powers – but not all psychics have it.

How Psychic Powers Work

In the middle of our forehead’s lies our third eye chakra and on the top of our head lies our crown chakra. Most people are unable to tap into their third eye chakra or their crown chakra. That is not true of people capable of claircognizance. They receive information through their chakras.

Those with claircognizance have no way of confirming new insights and often cannot even be sure how they came to know what they know. For this reason, claircognizance is often overlooked when people think about psychic powers due to the difficulties of verifying both the information understood and the method in which it was attained. It is often believed that this information passes directly into their mind without needing to pass through any of the senses.

What to Expect When Working With Someone with Claircognizant Psychic Powers

Claircognizance does not mean all knowing. They cannot answer any question posed of them or explain all things. The reader will not be able to tell you everything that waits in your future, but will understand a person to their core. If they are lying or have a hidden agenda, the reader will be able to detect that.

While they will not be able to tell you every detail of your future, a claircognizant reader will be able to tap into elements of your past and your future as well as your present. There are tie ins between claircognizance and post-cognition (the past) and pre-cognition (the future).

Not All Psychic Readers Have Claircognizant Psychic Powers

As mentioned before, not all psychics have claircognizant psychic powers. Claircognizance is but one of many abilities that a psychic may possess. Many psychics are blessed with more than one gift. If you want to know if your reader is claircognizant, ask them. Or read their materials before beginning your session.

Claircognizance is an important psychic tool, despite being less well known or understood than others forms. It is important to know that a claircognizant reader may be able to tell you the what, but will be less likely to know the how, the why or the when. But despite not many people having heard of it, Claircognizance is still one of the stronger psychic powers.

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