Ever Wonder ‘ Am I Psychic ‘ – 3 Ways to Know For Sure!

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Ever Wonder ‘ Am I Psychic ‘ – 3 Ways to Know For Sure!

Many people ask themselves “Am I Psychic?” and wonder if they have the natural ability to become a psychic. There are two major thoughts here. One is that you experience some type of paranormal event or other weirdness. The other is a sense, something that is innate and tends to be a more comfortable, confident feeling.

So, Am I Psychic?

From my own experience, I have learned that the truth is most psychic indicators are things that people simply miss, yet are obvious. They are unable to process what is going on around them. People need to understand that being psychic has a human element to it, and it exists in varying degrees in people. Once you become aware of this and start asking yourself Am I Psychic, you will be able to flex your psychic abilities by learning to recognize them and then contain the power you possess. It is easier than you think.

Am I Psychic  Psychic Abilities by ValMan

Ever Ask “Am I Psychic?” or wonder if you had Psychic Abilities? Photo by ValMan

Let’s examine three psychic signs that may show a greater than average psychic sensitivity, and if they are present, learn how to practice their use to maximize their effect in your life.

3 Ways to Know if You’ve Ever Asked Yourself “Am I Psychic?”

1) A Sense of Oneness – There are people who feel more connected to the universe as a whole, as if there is an alignment with all things. This may be a part of the brain that is more active in you, causing a greater psychic sensitivity. Did you hear the joke about the Buddhist Monk that walks into the pizza place and say, “Give me one with everything!” Yet this is the type of connection certain people have, and is the result of much meditation and may be the beginning of psychic skills.

2) Spirituality – In dreams, some people feel so connected to the people they have lost and are dreaming about that they actually feel their presence. This visitation experience may be a sign and is a very common starting point for people who possess psychic abilities. This is a manifestation of psychic power, and is one of my first experiences. It involved a co-worker who was 1,000 miles away, and was dying as he visited me in my dream. I was an atheist and unbeliever is anything related to the spirit. Yet this experience not only radically changed my view of psychic abilities but also opened my eyes to the psychic potential I had which, at the time, I did not even know were possible.

3) Seeing the Future – Simply, knowing that something is going to happen before it actually happens. Most everyone experiences this at one time or another in their lives. Some dismiss it as weird, while others place these feelings at the center of their lives.

Know How to Tell Am I Psychic?

It can be said that you are likely far more psychic than you realize. These three signs are far more common than many people realize, often ignoring them as weirdnesses. But the seeker who asks “Am I Psychic?” should open themselves up to these experiences and be open to what they reveal about their own psychic abilities. These experiences are humbling once a person recognizes their place in the universe. Your place in the vastness of space and time and understanding why you are here to begin with may be connected with your discovery of your personal psychic signs and you will know the answer to the question “Am I Psychic?”.


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