Developing Psychic Abilities Series – Psychokinesis

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Developing Psychic Abilities Series – Psychokinesis

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Developing psychic abilities is challenging but worth the effort

Psychokinesis, also referred to as telekinesis, is considered to be one of the more advanced psychic abilities. A person with the powers of psychokinesis can move solid objects with their mind, simply by willing them to move. They achieve this feat by bending the world around them, and then manipulating the objects around them as desired.

Developing Psychic Abilities By Beginning Small

Psychokinesis is far simpler with smaller objects. That is why, when most psychics are first learning to move objects with their mind, they begin with small objects. As they improve upon their skills, they move on to larger objects. Those who have spent the time developing psychic abilities can perform psychokinesis easily, if they spend time practicing the craft.

Using Concentration in Developing Psychic Abilities

The first thing that a psychokinesis psychic must do is strengthen their concentration powers. The best way to practice concentration for anyone developing psychic abilities is to focus your eyes, and your mind, on a point and applying all of your thought energy to that point. Candle flames are a good example and a good starting place. In order to strengthen concentration, a psychic must stare at that flame and not allow their mind to deviate from it at all.

Developing Psychic Abilities By Bypassing the Senses

The next step in developing psychic abilities like psychokinesis is to learn to bypass sight and to accept that you can understand things directly through your mind. This is another important skill that must be developed. One way to practice this is to go to a spot that you are very familiar with and to close your eyes and try to rebuild the place as it is in your mind. As you get better at this, go to environments with which you are less familiar. The better you get at this skill, the better your mind will work when attempting psychokinesis.

Developing Psychic Abilities

Psychokinesis, or telekinesis, require focus, concentration and your ability to understand the world around you without relying on your traditional senses.  It’s tough work and requires daily commitment, but for those who have the gift, developing psychic abilities can be extremely rewarding.

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