How to Develop Psychic Abilities – Contacting Spirit Guides

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How to Develop Psychic Abilities – Contacting Spirit Guides

how to develop psychic abilities contacting spirit guides

Contacting Spirit Guides Can Teach You How to Develop Psychic Abilities

In today’s crazy world, many people are trying to live a more harmonious life by studying the ways of the Ancient Native Americans. They learn of the “old ways” by relating to animal energy. Also, if you’ve ever read a Chinese horoscope, you would notice that most, if not all of the symbols are animals. This is also true of Western astrological signs. Besides, any animal lover will tell you that all animals are soulful creatures, so it’s no surprise there is animal energy.  It’s no surprise then that they can help show you how to develop psychic abilities of your own.

Contacting Spirit Guides

At the beginning of this symbiotic relationship, animals taught people how to live off the land, and sometimes how to survive it’s harsh realities. By watching the animals around them, people learned where food and water could be found. Becoming this dependent probably led people develop a connection with the animals they had come to study and rely on. They discovered various strengths and weaknesses in the animals they lived among, so naturally they also connected to these creatures, both physically and spiritually. People back then, as many people do now, have come to believe that all animals can teach us something, and that they all possess some healing and/or inspirational powers.

What is an animal totem/guide?

A person will spiritually identify with his or her animal or totem guide. In my experience, guides will only be temporary, only coming to us whenever something eventful or life changing happens to us, and we need guidance, while others remain with us all of our lives. Whether your guide(s) is temporary or will be there all of your life, all of your guides will instruct, counsel, and protect you as you slowly go through your life’s path, both spiritually and physically when you contact spirit guides. Animal guides also help us to reconnect to nature, showing us that we are all universally interconnected, but you need to know what your animal totem is, first.

How do I find my animal totem/guide and how can it teach me how to develop psychic abilities?

There are many different methods to meeting your guides, but I believe meditation is the best way to start. I was taught this visualization method, and it works very well for me.

Either sit on the floor, or lay in your bed. Make sure you are comfortable. Now relax, closing your eyes and breathing deeply while your muscles also relax completely. Now visualize your Crown Chakra, a spot at the top of or just above the top of your head. This is a large orb that is filled with the most divine white light and energy. When you have visualized this quite clearly, imagine a chord of this same white light traveling down through your head, down your neck to your spine, all along your spine and down into the floor, and all the way to the center of the Earth. Visualize your energy connecting with the Earth’s energy, and feel it spreading back up into your body, warming and strengthening you. Allow this power to surge through your legs, feet and toes, your arms, hands and fingers, and so on. Allow this energy to build inside you until you develop an “energy cocoon” that will surround you completely. This should be seen as a slight aura or energy field, and it is about an inch or two in thickness. Once you accomplish this, you may allow the darkness behind your eyelids to envelop you.

Imagine there is a white light ahead of you, and that you are walking towards it. As you get closer, visualize walking towards a door that leads to another realm. What does this door look like, and what is it made of? What could be on the other side? When you open this door, you see a magnificent forest. You step out onto the ground and look all around you. Beautiful and green everywhere; bushes, trees, weeds, and flowers, etc. Are there any streams or waterfalls nearby? As you look through the trees you see a path, and you walk towards it. Visualize you are stepping onto this path, and you slowly start to walk. Do this for a while, then stop to look and listen. You wait patiently, because soon you may see your animal guide approach you. Take as much time as you need, until your guide finds you. When you see your totem, you can ask him or her any questions you may have, what his or her name is, or just say hello this first time. Whatever you do is up to you.

When your animal guide decides it is time to go, make sure to thank him or her (at our first meeting I gave one of my totems a really big hug!) for coming to meet you and talking to you. Just make sure you promise your totem that you will return soon. If you want a good relationship with your guide you will need to visit often.

Walk back the way you came, through the doorway and into darkness once again. Visualize a light up ahead, and walk towards it. Imagine it envelops you as you walk into it, and completely surrounds you as you stand there. Now you can open your eyes. Your journey is over, but you may want to write down everything you asked and everything your guide answered. Anything that may have happened, write it down, as it may make more sense later.

How to Develop Psychic Abilities Through Contacting Spirit Guide

Something to remember-even if you have more than one spirit guide, you may only have one come through at a time. At one time I had three different guides. I noticed when I was meeting one that there was a rustling in the bushes that made me think of another animal waiting. I felt an “eager” or “expectation” kind of energy. When I asked why the one in hiding didn’t come out to meet me, I was told that our meeting was private and it was polite and respectful to wait in that way. So when meeting your animal guide, kindly ask if there is any other spirit guide waiting to meet you. If so, then you will be encouraged to set up another meeting with you other spirit guide or guides.

What should I do once I meet my totem?

contacting spirit guides how to develop psychic abilities

By Contacting Spirit Guides, they can appear and show you How to Develop Psychic Abilities. Photo by roujo

Your animal spirit(s) will “talk” to you, whether through meditation, in your dreams or even while you’re awake. They may speak words to you when you are awake, or sometimes you may feel what they want to tell you. It’s a bit difficult to explain here, but once your communication starts with your totem(s), you will realize what I mean. As your relationship builds with them, it will be easier for you to tell the difference and to understand when they are speaking to you.

Please realize that your guide(s) will not manipulate a person’s thoughts or actions, but give you reasonable suggestions. Just as your ancestral and other human spirit guides do, they can only offer advice and help guide you when you need a little navigating through some of life’s difficult lessons. Animal guides are special for so many reasons. They teach us many things; to better utilize our energies, how to interact with other people, and some have even helped guide some towards a different career path. These are just some of the things they do for us. There are many reasons for the many spirit guides out there, and it is a true blessing for anyone that has a relationship with their animal guide(s).

Another thing to remember-your spirit guides are not there to make every move and decision for you. They are like all spirit guides in that respect. They can only suggest or show you another course of action. What you do with your life is ultimately up to you.

How do I find any information on my animal totem(s)?

The best way to find out about anything is to read! Read about what they symbolically represent, what they eat, where they live, their habits, what sounds they make, and so on. Learn about their strengths and weaknesses, because your strengths may be similar to their strengths, and your weaknesses may be similar to their weaknesses, too. Another thing to discover is what Elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air) your guides correspond to. Other examples would be birds and the Element of Air, and dolphins and the Element of Water. Animals that change, like caterpillars into butterflies and tadpoles into frogs, might correspond with the Element of Fire. Some may even correspond to more than one Element. The best thing to do is just ask him or her. The answer may surprise you.

Never be afraid to ask your guide(s) questions. That is what they are there for, remember? Besides, it is the best way to get to know them. By contacting spirit guides, you can learn how to develop psychic abilities and so much more!

What if I don’t get to meet my spirit guide(s)?

No need to worry! They’ll find you. Just open yourself up and become available to them. They will show themselves to you at any time, when the time is right. Perhaps when you went looking, and, for whatever reason, they didn’t come to you. Just look at that as not being the right time for you to meet, yet. Rest assured they will know when the time is for them and for you.

Contacting Spirit Guides For the “non-visuals” among Us

I do realize that it can be difficult for some people to master visualization and meditation. To help you in beginning this process, I have included several questions for you to ask yourself. These questions should help you to realize what animal has been prominent in your life. Just remember that there are no right or wrong answers. Only you will know which animal totem(s) is the one that will help you on your life’s journey. Please, be patient. Take your time and allow things to come to you as they should, in their own due course and time. These questions will help you in your search in contacting spirit guides.

1. We are each drawn to what resonates inside all of us. What insect, bird, or animal are you drawn to the most?

2. What is your favorite animal to see in the forest, park, or zoo?

3. What animal do you see most of time (occurring naturally) when you are outside?

4. What animal or animals are you anxious to learn about at this time in your life?

5. What animal scares you the most or intrigues you the most?

6. Is there an animal that always appears in your dreams, or is there one you have never forgotten that has been in your dreams?

7. Has an animal ever bitten or attacked you?

8. Is there an animal that has played a meaningful part in your life? If you can’t decide, then make a list of all the animals that you were ever interested in or that made a deep impact in your life. It could be from stories, photographs, paintings, movies, carvings, etc.

9. Is there an animal that has repeatedly shown up in your life? Keep a journal where you have written down the animals in your dreams, and the ones you see most often every day for a month. How did the animals act towards you, and did you do anything to interact with it? What happened when you did this?

10. What animal(s) do you feel a connection to, or relate to the best? Is there any animal that you can compare your likes, dislikes, or even your personality to?

Well, there you have it. I have shown you the best way I know of on how to find your animal spirit guide(s). It has worked for me many times, and I promise that, if you are as diligent and as serious as I am about meeting your guide(s), you will be successful. Remember to be patient and do not give up if you don’t meet them right away. They will decide if now is the time, or if you are better off meeting each other later. Either way, it’s worth the time and effort. They can only help you in your lifepath. We all can use a little help now and again. Good luck with contacting spirit guides and learning how to develop psychic abilities!

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