Psychic Medium’s Guide To Opening Your Third Eye

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Psychic Medium’s Guide To Opening Your Third Eye


What is Your Third Eye? First of all, the third eye is not a physical eye. It’s actually a term that refers to someone’s ability to see beyond human limitations and into the spirit world. Mediums, spiritual mediums and psychic mediums are well known for being able to see, hear and even talk to spirits. All of this is possible through the third eye.

A Psychic Medium Can “Hear” Out of Her Third Eye?!

What a minute! Did I just say a psychic medium can see, hear and speak out of a third eye?! That doesn’t make any sense. And you would be right if we were talking about a physical eye. But the Third Eye is just a name for an ability or a change of perception. At its most basic level, it usually allows the person to “see” into the spiritual world but this is just our brain interpreting new information that we didn’t previously have access to. It’s not a psychical sensory organ.
In fact, the third eye is commonly known as the “Agya” and is called the sixth chakra. The sixth chakra (or third eye) denotes intuition, wisdom and psychic power. But it does more than just allow a person to see into the spiritual world. In the spirit world, there is no sense of time so a person with the third eye can look forward or backward int time and sense things that will happen in the physical world. The people with this Third Eye are often referred to as Psychic Medium.

The Psychic Medium Secret

psychic medium third eye meditation

What’s the Psychic Medium Secret to Opening the Third Eye?

So how does one open up their Third Eye? Is it something only a few people can do? How do most psychic mediums open up their third eye? The truth is, anyone can open their Third Eye – you don’t have to be a psychic medium. You just have to know the secret – or, at least, one secret method for opening yourself up. Below are five easy steps to help you open your Third Eye, just like a Psychic Medium.

The Psychic Medium Meditation Formula In 5 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Solitude

First, you will want to find a nice quiet place, preferably one that has some significance – like a meditation room – so you can do your meditation without any distractions. A real psychic medium usually has a room in his office or home dedicated to meditation and the spiritual.

Step 2 – Relax

The next step, once you are in your meditation area, is to relax. Close your eyes, take deep cleansing breaths and clear your mind. Let any stress or tension evaporate as you concentrate on your breathing.

Step 3 – Look

Once you’ve closed your eyes and focused on your breathing, move your awareness to the area where you imagine your third eye to be – which is between and above your two physical eyes. You should feel as if your physical eyes are looking up at the Third Eye even though they remain closed.

Step 4 – Relax (Again)

third eye psychic medium meditation

The Third Eye is Also Known as the 6th Chakra

After a few seconds, relax your eyes again behind your eyelids. Still focus on the area where they were “looking” and imagine being able to see out of a third eye.

Step 5 – Repeat

Repeat the focusing on your third eye and then relaxing. This helps to bring concscious awareness to the third eye, which is the first step to opening it.

You want to meditate for at least 15 minutes the first time and slowly increase it until you are doing an hour of meditation each day. You should start to notice things after a week or two, so don’t be surprised or shocked if you start knowing who will call before they call or have a “feeling” about something happening and then finding out it did! You never know, you could be a psychic medium!

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