Am I Psychic – A List of Psychic Abilities and Psychic Powers

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Am I Psychic – A List of Psychic Abilities and Psychic Powers

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Just about every man or woman is granted with some level of psychic power and intuition and most have wondered am I psychic? Psychic power is actually a term used to explain a long list of psychic abilities. There are various sorts of psychic abilities that are linked to the nervous system. Every sort is capable of generating distinct sensations and demonstrating peculiar talents. A few individuals are blessed with every one of these types, although many develop a couple of these abilities. You can learn the entire list of psychic abilities.

The List of Psychic Abilities and Psychic Powers So You Can Determine Am I Psychic

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Am I Psychic? Get the List of Psychic Powers. Photo by salimbhula

Am I Psychic?  How many of us have asked ourselves that very question when something unexplainable happens to us.  Psychic power can be defined as an uncommon mental or spiritual skill useful for ESP or extra sensory perception. With this particular capacity, you can foretell the true course of events historically, present events or the future. There are numerous forms of psychic skills, that can be employed by the psychics, according to the requirements of the clientele. This is a basic list of psychic abilities.  It’s not complete by any means, but it does list the most common ones. Get ready to ask yourself Am I Psychic and take the time to look through the different psychic abilities and get familiar with them.

Am I Psychic?  Decide for Yourself. Here is the List of Psychic Abilities & Psychic Powers:

Astral projection: Utilizing this what is called astral project, the psychic can separate their sense of perception from their physical form. Basically, they can “travel” outside of their bodies but still be able to see and hear things. An experienced psychic using astral project can abandon their body in a fully calm and conscious status and instantly travel elsewhere.  As far as psychic powers go, astral projection is fairly common.

Be Psychic Course - You Can Read Other People's Minds with Psychic PowersAura reading: Aura reading is one of the more interesting psychic powers and can be thought of as being able to detect the energy fields emanating from all living beings. An aura is actually a subtle, crucial, lustrous circle, and it encompasses every single person or living thing. The aura readers can easily “see” and interpret these auras and discover all sorts of information about a person.

Automatic writing: Number three in the list of psychic abilities, automatic writing is regarded as the power to write through the guided by spirits without the need of applying the conscious mind. It commonly entails communication coming from channeling spirits who direct the writer’s hand to write the words that they want, rather than having the person write them consciously.

Clairaudience: With clairaudience, a psychic is able to distinctly audibly hear extrasensory information from somewhere else. That noise will not be heard through the normal human ear – so it’s not Super Hearing. Instead the sounds or voices simply appear in the psychic’s mind and are interpreted as sound. Auditory or kinesthetic perceptions may also be incorporated into clairaudience. This particular ability can be used to listen to the voices and sounds associated with the spirits of dead persons as well as being able to hear things at a distant.

Clairvoyance: Clairvoyance is much like clairaudience in the list of psychic abilities above and entails detecting or seeing the pictures rather than sound.  It’s a form of extra-sensory perception of faraway individuals, items and happenings. This kind of skill allows you to see thru space and time and in some cases pick up on forms of energy like radio waves with the psychic’s mind interpreting them as pictures or movies rather than as sounds, as with the clairaudient.

Clairsentience: Like the preceding “clair” psychic powers, this power allows the psychic to experience things from afar – or even other planes of existance.  But instead of sights or sounds, a psychic with clairsentience experiences the input as subtle emotions, feelings or strength. At it’s most base form, it is sometimes mistaken for empathy.

Channeling: Channeling has been featured on movies like Ghost and The Sixth Sense and on TV shows such as the Ghost Whisperer.  The channeler can generally sense spirits and either communicate with them, or allow them to “speak” through them.  Many channelers can channel the spirits of the deceased, as well as angels and spirit guides.

psychic powers am i psychic list of psychic abilities telepathy

Telepathy is one of the strongest psychic powers.

Intuition: Intuition is one of the most overlooked psychic abilities and is one of the hardest to explain.  Many people think of intuition or instincts as something natural and in many cases they are just our subconscious processing tons of information in the background and then nudging our conscious mind.  A psychic intuitive can do the same – but without the input to the subconscious mind – meaning no body language or voice tone to lead the person.  They simply “know”.

Psychometry: This particular talent is also known as object reading. Psychometry or object reading enables the psychic reader to perceive the energy patterns from or within a physical object. They’re able to touch the article and understand the psychic impressions on that item from the psychic vibrations, sometimes being able to “see” or “feel” the previous owners to a surprising degree.

Remote viewing: Remote viewing is generally regarded as an capability to listen, observe or experience the specific places that are not a place the viewer has ever been to or personally seen.  In a way, it is much like the clairaudience, clairvoyance or clairsentience psychic powers, but it applies only to real places.  A remote viewer typically cannot breach the veil between planes of existence and therefore cannot communicate with spirits.

Telekinesis (Psychokinesis): Am I psychic?  Well, with this talent you would know INSTANTLY because it has a profound physical manifestation.  Telekinesis is one of the most powerful psychic powers and allows you to actually move physical objects with just the power of your mind.  And the object doesn’t have to actually “move”… it can be manipulated as well – bent, heated up or even caused to burst into flames – a specialized ability typically referred to as pyrokinesis.

Telepathy: Telepathy allows the psychic to communicate directly to another person’s mind.  It comes in different degrees with some people only able to “hear” others’ thoughts to a more powerful version which allows two way communication between people using only thoughts.  In extreme cases, the telepath can actually plant suggestions in the target’s mind – or even control them.  Luckily, this is one of the psychic powers that is extremely rare.

Summary of the List of Psychic Abilities and Psychic Powers – As well as the Answer to “Am I Psychic”

I know – it is an enormous list of psychic abilities at one time, however you can save this article and look back again to it whenever you forget or need to reference it.  Of course, every one of the list of psychic abilities may start small and require use and practice to grow. Remember not everyone who gives psychic readings or online psychic chat has all of these powers – most have one or two.  If you experience any of the above list of psychic abilities and psychic powers, then you don’t need to ask yourself “am I psychic” – YOU ARE!

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