Psychic Powers – The (Nearly) Complete List

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Psychic Powers – The (Nearly) Complete List

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Psychic powers are not necessarily all about speaking to people who have passed away or connecting with ones who have crossed over. They range from many different things and even though they may not seem normal, they can still be classified as psychic powers. Some of these powers include the following:

The Nearly Complete List of Psychic Powers

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  • Apportation: this is the ability to transport or teleport objects. It can also include making things disappear or materialize right before your eyes. People might remember this as one of the psychic powers portrayed as magic in the Harry Potter movies.
  • Aura Reading: this is the reading of a person’s energy levels and energy fields.  The person usually sees different colors around people.  Some say certain equipment can detect these auras as well.
  • Astral Projection: an out of body experience where you are physically watching yourself do things while you are acting like a fly on the wall or you are not in your own skin.
  • Bilocation: being in different and multiple locations at one time. One of those psychic powers we’d love to have to be at work and at the beach at the same time.
  • Clairaudience: channeling other thoughts from different forms and receiving messages.
  • Clairvoyance: having perception of things outside of the human and alive senses. This is sometimes said to be possessed by psychics who give free tarot readings online.
  • Death-Warning: seeing a person before the pass on and cross over.
  • Dowsing: the ability to find and locate objects easily.
  • Energy Medicine: being able to channel energy and heal someone from the channeled energy.  This is also sometimes called psychic healing.  It is not to be confused with Reiki.
  • Faith Healing: by using religious acts, faith healing is performed by diagnosing and curing diseases from religion.  This is one of the psychic powers that could be a psychic power or could be the person’s faith.
  • Mediumship: also known as channeling, this is the ability to talk with and communicate with spirits and souls in the afterlife.
  • Precognition: being able to see things and events before they take place.
  • Psychic Surgery: removing damaged tissues through small slits that take little to no time to heal afterwards.
  • Psychokinesis: thinking of something and making it happen through your thoughts.
  • Psychometry: receiving information from a person or object without physically being in contact.
  • Pyrokineses: being able to make and manipulate fire through thoughts and energy.  This is another one of those psychic powers used in movies like Firestarter.  Some say it’s related to telekinesis, but it’s very specialized.
  • Remote Viewing: being able to receive and get information from distances instead of being in the same room or area.
  • Retrocognition: one of the more interesting psychic powers, it involves the channeling energy and reliving past events or things that occurred previously.
  • Scrying: taking an item or object and utilizing it to view events and happenings from the future.
  • Telepathy: receiving and giving thoughts and ideas, all transferred through the mind.  This is one of those psychic powers that is often used in TV and movies.
  • Transvection: the psychic ability of being able to lift your body off the ground without the assistance of any types of wires, ropes or hanging devices.  Sometimes called Levitation.

More Psychic Powers?

psychic powers list of psychic abilities

Transvection, or levitation, is only one of many psychic powers.

There are other, more obscure psychic powers but I need to do more research on them to determine if they are actually a power in themselves or an off shoot of one of the above powers.  There are actually many cases where something is believed to be a unique psychic power but it ends up falling into one of the above psychic powers.  If you know of any others, please contact me!

Last Words on Psychic Powers

All of these types of psychic powers can be common in people, but most don’t admit to having these abilities. They are unknown by many but for those who understand what it is, they have psychic powers that should be cherished and used for the betterment of mankind – not for selfish reasons.

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